Viewfruit Member Privacy Policy

Basic policy for information security

Viewfruit-Philippines calculates and transforms consumers’ thoughts and actual situation and to data through market research, and makes contribution to society by providing the data to enterprises and organizations.

We comply with market research industry’s International Action Standard《ICC/ESOMAR Internet Guideline》to establish personal information protective measures for researchers who are information sources. From the point of protect researchers’ personal information, our company takes proper measures to ensure the safety when researchers and other information providers (called researchers in the following) offer information and maintenance researchers’ personal information. Our company makes “Personal Information Protection Policy”, and declares to carry out the policy all the time.

1. Collecting(Acquire), using, providing proper personal information Our company formulates use purpose definitely, and takes legal and just measures to collect personal information. We will ask for researchers’ permission before using their personal information. We just use the information in necessary range to achieve the intended use. We will ask for researchers’ permission in advance if it is beyond the necessary range. And we will ask for researchers’ permission in advance if we need to provide the personal information to the third party. What’s more, we will manage the personal information in proper and update status within the range achieving the intended use.

2. Safety management of personal information Our website takes organized, artificial, physical and technological comprehensive protection measures to prevent illegal access to personal information, and loss, damage, tamper, leakage of personal information.

3. Personal Information Protection Act and other related specifications When use personal information service, the website shall comply strictly with Personal Information Protection Act and other related specifications.

4. Personal Information Protection Act and other related specifications When use personal information service, the website shall comply strictly with Personal Information Protection Act and other related specifications.

5. Response to suggestion and complaint The website sets up personal information protection consulting and complaint windows which can response to researchers’ consulting and complaints promptly.

All staff of the website will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act. All staff related with the work will deal with the daily work carefully to protect researchers’ personal information on the basis of fully understanding of the aim and intention of the work.

Viewfruit-Philippines (Hereinafter referred to as "my company") fully understands the importance of information security ,and takes strict measures to prevent information disclosure. Provide reliable and qualified service to clients and trade partners is a very important business goal in our business Strategy. We make general policy related information security to strengthen the safety of information. On basis of the Policy, we demand senior management; staff and other related people keep high sense of information security to maintenance and construct operable information management system.

Appendix: User General Agreement

Article 1 General principles of service for member
1.Viewfruit- Philippines(hereinafter referred to as “the website”) or legal person cooperating with the website provides internet research, cell-phone research, global research or other research (hereinafter referred to as “the service”) to those who require the research result (hereinafter referred to as “Client”). The Agreement formulate the contractual relationship between people who register to become a researcher and acquire the website’s approval (hereinafter referred to as “Researcher”) defined by Article 2.

2. The website provides the service to the Client. The content o the service is: we set up dedicated web page used by questionnaire research in the website and websites operated by legal person cooperating with the website. Our researchers participate in relevant questionnaire research, and the website collects and analysis the answers. Besides, we send questionnaire research to special researchers for special research. However we do not ensure that we send surveys to all the researchers of the website.

3. The purpose of the service is: We collect the answers from special researchers within the scope of the amount of research respondents, but not all the researchers who have received commissions can be endowed the right of participating in surveys.

4. The service object is people who live in China. People who live outside of China (including people who live in China, but access to the website outside China temporarily; or visit the website through foreign servers) can not have any researchers’ right, as well as the right of registering to be researchers. Besides, the website limits the behavior that researchers or people who want to be researchers’ access to the website outside of China.

5. In addition to this Agreement, the provisions which the site use appropriate method/means enacted, changed or amended and been told to appropriate researchers constitute a part of the Agreement, so the investigator should comply with all the provisions, including the Agreement. In addition, when the site implement a questionnaire, e-mails or the conditions sent to the researcher within the survey also belong to the Provisions.

6. Even if not get the prior consent of the researcher, this site can arbitrarily amend the provisions of the Agreement. The revised agreement takes effect once been published by the website; the other provisions take effect when been sent to researchers or been published on the website.

7. If any other provisions formulated by the website conflict with the agreement, the agreement has prior application.

Formulate and Update: Feburary 1st, 2012